August 13, 2023

Creative Chronicles 2023

In the ever-evolving world of digital art, design, and typography, there's always something new and exciting on the horizon. From trashy textures to cutting-edge typefaces, let's take a closer look at the recent developments and creations that have been making absolutely no waves in the creative ... Read full article

December 11, 2022

On a more commercial side, today I released a comprehensive collection of grainy, blurred textures, bursting with vibrant and saturated colors. These textures are perfect for adding a unique and eye-catching touch to your projects, such as banners, posters, packaging, textiles, and social media ... Read full article

The new collaborative book by Mr Wink and {ths} At the beginning of September, {ths} met WINK from the German Design-Art-Graphic-Brand-Bureau-Agency-Whatever superstars Rocket & Wink for the first time. The chemistry was instant and both decided to work on a joint project. Within a month(!), ... Read full article

July 21, 2022

{ths} opens his digital archive. Well, not everything. I've been doing art and design for years and always use homemade graphic elements like patterns, strokes, and typography, all with a gritty and grunge feel to them. Those who know me and are familiar with the details will understand what I mean. ... Read full article

April 25, 2022

Customer: “ou did that on the computer, why is your art so expensive?” or “You just print it out, but that is way too expensive for art.”.

Many of you know that my art is created with the computer, which is also just a tool like a brush or pen. Then I bring the digital on paper or canvas. However, creating art on the computer is a very involved process that takes hours or days, much like painting the picture. Some customers ... Read full article

February 4, 2022

{ths} originals – the official online store of artist {ths} Thomas Schostok has opened. It’s selling original artworks and limited edition prints. The artwork comes directly from {ths}, no middle man, gallery or business octopus. The philosophy of the store is that aAll artworks are ... Read full article

October 14, 2021

The legendary BEAST Magazine is back after 19 years – for one last issue:#13 of 12. Printed! Coming 21st of October. PRE-ORDER starts now! LIMITED EDITION of 50! Read more ... Read full article

September 19, 2021

{ths} art prints are now available at Since {ths} won't create any new originals, this is your only chance to get official physical art from {ths}. Grab it, time is running out. ... Read full article

April 27, 2021

SOFT SUCK, the third monograph of {ths} is now available. 244 pages of artwork from 2009-2020. Fits in your pocket!* Guaranteed without text and comments! Several production sites guarantee smooth shipping all over the world. A dream come true! Get yours directly from Plastikcomb ... Read full article

February 17, 2021

REIHEN, the new limited edition book {ths} worked on together with (BBG) Aaron Beebe is now available (while stocks last). Get yours directly from Plastikcomb Publishing ... Read full article