A Dose of Art, Design, and Typography

August 13, 2023

Creative Chronicles 2023

In the ever-evolving world of digital art, design, and typography, there's always something new and exciting on the horizon. From trashy textures to cutting-edge typefaces, let's take a closer look at the recent developments and creations that have been making absolutely no waves in the creative community. 

Trashy Texture Pack Vol. 4
For those who revel in the beauty of unconventional textures, the release of Trashy Texture Pack Vol. 4 is a reason to rejoice. With 73 distinctive black and white textures, this collection is tailor-made for injecting a gritty, raw appeal to your designs. Designed to overlay existing creations, these textures add depth and character that's hard to ignore. Sourced from a personal archive and tried-and-tested in numerous projects, these textures are a testament to the power of unconventional design choices.

The first 10 early birds are in for a treat with a 20% discount using the code IknowWhatYouTrashedLastSummer in my store {ths} RAW SUPPLY

Stay tuned for more texture packs in the pipeline!

Plastikcomb Magazine 6
The creative world often thrives at the intersection of design and art, and Plastikcomb Magazine (PCM) is a prime example of this synergy. Issue 6 of PCM, a collaborative effort involving a lot of talents, presents an eclectic blend of design and artistry that's truly captivating. The magazine showcases the works of various artists, including contributions from visionary artist like Manuela Karin Knaut, the photography of Isaiah Winters, and the collages of Allan Bealy and many more. The magazine's reputation precedes it, with issues flying off the shelves in no time. If you haven't experienced PCM yet, now is the time to dive into this enriching mix of creative expressions.

Upcoming Book: Fish Kiosk
Looking ahead to 2024, the creative minds behind some of your favorite works are joining forces to deliver a treat that's bound to leave you thrilled. The upcoming book titled "Fish Kiosk," a collaboration between visionary Aaron Beebe and {ths}, promises to be a treasure trove of art, photography, and design. With a tantalizing blend of creative elements, this book is poised to be a must-have for anyone passionate about pushing the boundaries of creativity. Keep an eye out for updates as the release date draws closer!

CA Superpilot Typeface Family
Typography enthusiasts, rejoice! The unveiling of CA Superpilot Typeface Family at the Cape Arcona Type Foundry marks a monumental stride in the world of fonts — haha. A unique amalgamation of classic Futura reinterpretation and a modern-retro script typeface inspired by vintage camera logos and lettering from the mid-20th century, CA Superpilot offers a fresh take on typography. This typeface family effortlessly bridges the gap between the past and the present, making it a valuable addition to any designer's toolkit.

A Glimpse into the Past: {ths} Website from 2001
In a nod to nostalgia, I stumbled upon a hidden gem – a video showcasing the {ths} website from the year 2001. A trip down memory lane, this website, crafted entirely in Flash, is a reminder of the innovative tools that shaped the landscape of web design at the turn of the century. Witnessing the evolution of digital creativity is both inspiring and humbling, reminding us of how far we've come in the realm of technology, design and cheesy music.

Thank you webdesignmuseum.org for preserving the past.