Making-of “Can’t get enough”

April 25, 2022

Customer: “You did that with the computer, why is your art so expensive?” or “You only print that out, but that is much too expensive for art”.

Many of you know that my art is created with the computer, which is also just a tool like a brush or pen. Then I bring the digital on paper or canvas. However, creating art on the computer is a very involved process that takes hours or days, much like painting the picture. Some customers unfortunately do not know this and still do not see too much value in the art created on the computer.

To give a little insight into the creative phase, I will show making-ofs of my artworks in the future. In the form of videos that shows the creation on the computer and in “real life”.

Here is a time-lapse video that shows the creation of “Can’t get enough”.

It’s a bit of a trick because I recreated the process of the whole creation of the artwork. I already knew what the artwork would look like and quickly recreated it in this video. So in this video you see only the compressed around 20 minutes process in approx. 2 minutes. The process of moving things around, finding (and searching) for the right elements and images is a totally different process that takes hours or days to work on. 

So, in the case of “Can’t get enough”, I needed around 48+ hours for finishing it. It's not that I start with a work of art and finalize it after a short time. Partly, I leave myself days and work on it again later, I may show in another video.
Software used: Affinity Photo.