New Trash on the Block

December 13, 2023

Trash Pack and a new typeface

A new trash pack: {ths} Trashy Grids Vol.1 — full of gritty GRIDS! Hail to the Grids, Baby!

I've dedicated considerable time to crafting fresh texture packs for you. Enthusiasts of unconventional textures are likely to find them appealing. Introducing the latest release, {ths} Trashy Grids Pack Vol.1 features 52 amazing black and white textures with a distinctive grungy quality.

These textures can be seamlessly applied to your current designs, adding a gritty aesthetic. Similar to my previous collections, these textures are drawn from my personal archive and have played a role in numerous past projects. Stay tuned for several upcoming releases in the near future – Grids Vol.2 will be released later in 2024

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A comprehensive collection of grainy grids with dots, circles, squares, diamonds and lines.
All in the gritty / grain / grunge / copier look {ths} is known for. The #swissgrit of textures.

Carefully collected, from my own collection, used in the past, for his own artwork, or created from his archival material. Unexpected treasures of pure grunge.

What’s in the download:

52 x black and white textures in .png format up to 4K (4000px width), provided as a download
- Thumbnail preview cheat sheet
- User manual with instructions

Basically any graphics application that supports layers and layer effects (such as multiply, screen, etc.), e.g. Affinity Suite, Procreate, Adobe Apps.


It took me several years to complete CA YOSHIRO, as I was always busy with other projects and fonts, but it was finally released by Cape Arcona Type Foundry.

On the one hand, it can be used very well for projects that require a more technical font, and on the other hand, I fulfilled a dream with the "wide" style. As a possible replacement for the much used "Eurostile" or "Microgramma" fonts, which are often used for sci-fi or action movies.

Take a closer look at the Cape Arcona Type Foundry website for more information about CA Yoshiro.

That's it for today and for this year. 
All that remains is to say goodbye and hello.