July 21, 2022

{ths} opens his digital archive. Well, not everything.
I've been doing art and design for years and always use homemade graphic elements like patterns, strokes, and typography, all with a gritty and grunge feel to them. Those who know me and are familiar with the details will understand what I mean. These so-called "trash" effects are not hipster filters, but rather hand-scanned and trashed textures that I've used over and over. Much of this was made when offices still used analog copiers and fax machines. At the time, the term "lo-fi" was coined. The equivalent to the digital glitches of today.

I decided to open my own little store right away, offering the digital textures and images that I've been using in my designs and art for years. So to speak, typical {ths} trash. 

The store is called

I'd like to start with {ths} trashy texture pack vol.1-3, which contains a massive collection of 199 high-resolution, black and white lo-fi textures, typical {ths} style. You'll enjoy it!

I will occasionally add new textures and specials to the store. There is a lot planned, and the archive is big. Background textures such as paper, typographic elements, and some cool experiments will follow.
Everyone will find something they enjoy (mostly for the brave). So keep an eye out.

Click to visit the new {ths} RAW SUPPLY store