New book: Neo Trash Recycle Inc.

November 8, 2022

The new collaborative book by Mr Wink and {ths}
At the beginning of September, {ths} met WINK from the German Design-Art-Graphic-Brand-Bureau-Agency-Whatever superstars Rocket & Wink for the first time. The chemistry was instant and both decided to work on a joint project.

Within a month(!), both recycled and remixed each other's work into something completely new, which they themselves call neotrash. They created from it an unusual little book full of artwork that can be used on both sides. It follows that there are two covers and no back cover. Everything has been remixed and recycled.

Even better, NEO TRASH RECYCLE INC. has no back cover. A book without a back cover? The book is divided into two sections, and was remixed by each artist. There are two covers, and when you make it to the middle, you just flip it over, and start over. A never ending double fun! Funky!

17x 24 cm / 6.69 x 9.44 inch
48 pages, full color, Softbound
Published 2022

With a foreword and cover (which was recycled) by Aaron L. Beebe and a center page by Gerald Rocketson of Rocket & Wink
Published by Plastikcomb Publishing, USA

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