Almost Ready – Book



About the book
Almost Ready features new artworks by {ths} that were made entirely for the book. {ths} is trying something new (again) – contrary to custom – the artworks in the book feature less photographic collage and more unusual compositions made out of typography, vintage advertising, comics and line art with a handful of 'old fashioned' {ths} grunge, humor and madness. The book also inspects the boundaries between hand made art and computer aided art. What is there not to love?

Pages: 64 / full color
Dimensions: 12 x 19 cm / 4.72 x 7.48 inch
Language: English (only one page of text – Guaranteed!)
ISBN: 9783745060256
Released: 2017

The audiobook
Almost Ready is also available as an audiobook for the crazy ones, who like to 'listen' to 'images'. Beside the fact, that it seems ridiculous to create an audiobook out of a printed book with full of images, we can still consider this as art, of course.

The audiobook was created with the help of Ben John Smith of who borrowed his smooth voice for the book. Unusual for an audiobook, but we got some great background music from Michael James Christian.
Listen to it on Bandcamp.


Specials: The book is self published. For a limited time: each book will be unique. One page inside the book will be a handmade artwork, individualized / personalized with your name, a word or a sentence. Enter your text in the comment field during payment with Paypal – I will get inspired and do the rest, you won’t see the artwork before you receive the book. Thrilling surprise and for that price: wow!

Shipping: Books are printed on demand. Production time is 8-10 days after payment, delivery is 3-7 days depending on your location. Trust me, I’m the only one you can really trust.

*Refund Policy & Payment: Due to personalization of the book, there won’t be any *ucking refunds or cancellations. Paypal only, other payment methods on request. All prices including VAT.

World (shipping included) € 33*
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Attention, attention: rich people, bankers, insurance agents, lawyers, aristocrats and business manager MUST pay tripple the price:
World (shipping included)


€ 99*
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Germany → epubli € 26,99 + shipping Buy at

Germany → € 26,99 + shipping Buy at

Outside Germany → Maybe you have luck with the ISBN 9783745060256 number? Who knows, good things are rare.

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