The Works 23+


I suck your mind
You blow my head

A retrospective of artworks created between 2023 and 2024. Exhibited at the VMMAAK (Virtual Museum of Modern Art of All Kinds) and placed under police protection to protect the society.

Each of the non-existent persons has given their consent for their portrait to be shown.

»Always Chasing Rainbows«
»Automatic Trash« (l), »I live to tell a 1000 lies«
»Lil’ Debbie«
»Don’t let go of me«
»Erase all«
»Face it«
»Here Eyes«
»La belle excuse«, »Chorus«, »The Unique«
»No. of Pieces 2«, »ChaCha«, »Beach and the Seahorse«
4x »Self Sight«, »Do people talk?«
»Now she’s gone« , »Now he’s gone«
»I WAS A TEENY-BOPPER Widescreen« , »Partner!«