Safe Crash


“If art can mean anything, it means nothing when in doubt.”


As a great tradition of the international curators of all art events of this world it is considered not to draw {ths} as participating artist. This also applies to the Biennale di Venezia (2019), and if we are honest, for good reason*.

But to do things, even if one considers them oneself inappropriate or unnecessary, now unfortunately exerts a strange attraction for {ths}, as a result of which he unofficially and definitely uninvited, took part in the Biennale with a photo series, which logically is of course not to be admired at the Biennale itself, that is so far clear, yes?

Safe Crash is a photo series about the fire extinguishers of the Biennale in almost every exhibition room and for {ths} the red thread that was so missed by the critics of the 58th Venice Biennale. You only have to look, then you will also find the connections, dear critics.

(The reflections were manipulated to protect the innocent.)

*Declaration pending