LTD. = Limited

5.70 x 3.93 Inch / 14,5 x 10 cm
Original, mixed media on cardboard
2022, signed by {ths}
Put in a plastic sleeve and fastened with a lanyard – both used and worn by {ths}

Who needs expensive watches or fast cars? Ever tried with expensive art to wear around your neck?

For the very special art collector who wants to show off his acquired art even when out of town. Perfect for business meetings, video conferences, visiting an art gallery or club. Show them you're a doer.

The greatest thing is that you – as a rich one – can buy this artwork with your own price at {ths}. Buy it for $1000 or, to match your expensive watch for $10,000. The more you spend on it, the more important you are! There's no limit to your ego. Buy now!

Comes in traditional Italian sports car colors.