Volvopenta - "28 Seconds in Hell" (Official Music Video)

May 11, 2016

Proud to release a brand new music video for the German band Volvopenta - directed, filmed and edited by {ths}. If you think this videos contains any {ths} trash and typography, you will be disappointed. Oh no.

Usually I’m not into filmmaking. I tried it some times in the past, but I must say: 4 dimensions are not my style (and I have 21 semester of physics!) This kind of music and the length of the track (7:16) was some kind of challenge. But hey, „This kind of music“, what does that mean? 

Well, „This music is boring.“

As an artist and designer you get more than once confronted with impressions and the view of other people. When I first listened to Volvopentas track „28 seconds in hell“, I was astonished about the tension of the music and the continuous increase of it. After the edit of the film and showing the preview to some people, I discovered that only very few people saw (or heard) the tension. Most, if not all, find the video (and music) boring. „Nothing really happens." A six minute ride in a car. The track features a lot of unnecessary repeat, pushed into the long. Repeats with no or a very low iteration factor and it ends into something that could be explained as a silent copulation without a climax.

And here we come back again to what I like to call „micro perception“. I can see and hear the increasing tension with every minute, but other people don’t. It’s a blessing or curse, I don’t know. That is why the video is what it is. It’s a boring ride with boring music and it’s fantastic and thrilling - for some of us.

For the production notes I have to say that this video was made with ZERO budget. No one paid for anything except me (a couple of French fries and Schnitzel). But everyone paid with their love to do something new and be creative. Keep that in mind when you click away, after 0:30 because of your lack of attention, my friend.